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Data center & cloud

IT revolution has given a strong drive towards innovation to Data Center. The optimization of the Data Center, thanks to the use of cloud/on premise new technologies, offers significant opportunities to reduce costs and maximize efficiency, helping to reduce the burden of responsibility of IT resources and increasing the level of service to end users


Data Center Infrastructure

Schermata 02-2456342 alle 15.33.28 (Instrastrutture per Data Center) Thanks to the partnership with the most important Vendors, Longwave is able to design IT infrastructure with the implementation of various applications and device such as servers, storage units, data backup, disaster recovery policies, cooling systems, monitoring and security. All of this with a scalable and modular architecture, in order to manage and support all future business needs.

Unified Computing & Unified Fabric

Computer systems’ growth leads to an increase of complexity.
Cisco Unified Computing is a data center platform that combines computing, networking, virtualization and storage access into a single system, reducing complexity and costs.
Cisco Unified Fabric is a key component of cloud based data center and combines physical service, virtual connectivity, storage and network, in order to have an innovative and flexible approach in data center architecture.

Unified computing


soluzioni - Storage) The exponential growth of digital information means an increase of data storage technologies and storage optimization strategies. Thanks to the partnership with industry leaders, Longwave is able to offer next-generation storage solutions, on cloud and on premise, to ensure efficiency, simplified data management, high levels of security and protection of information.


Server virtualization and desktop virtualization are the best solutions to cloud environments optimization.
Longwave, by using innovative technologies, allows users to benefit from advanced features in order to safely virtualize applications and simplify the data center.


Disaster Recovery

Unified Fabric (switch per data center) To prevent IT downtime and do not cause any harm to business continuity, it is essential to provide a disaster recovery solution. Unlike a traditional backup, hypervisor-based replication is independent from storage systems and supports all features that makes available virtual infrastructure, including high-availability (HA) clustering and active volumes replication.

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