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Any company bases its operations on the network, and even the slightest failure may threaten the daily activities: suitable infrastructure network is the foundation to ensure business continuity.

Through a careful feasibility study, our team is able to design, implement and manage the most appropriate technological solution in terms of performance, reliability and security.


Structured Cabling

Schermata 02-2456342 alle 15.36.52 (Cabling) Advances in data processing and telecommunications are changing business productivity: the implementation of a structured cabling allows users to benefit from a built-in network, enabling the transmission of data, video and voice over a single interconnect system. Furthermore, you will have the advantage of a network structure adapted to possible future needs, without the necessity of a rewiring.

Unified Access

Until recently, wireless networks were implemented in parallel to wired networks; now the rapid expansion of mobile and BYOD makes this approach no longer applicable. Unified Access solutions enable you to benefit from a network usable and available from anywhere and through any device.

Soluzioni - Unified Access)

Wan Optimization

Schermata 02-2456342 alle 15.04.15 (Wan Optimization) One of the most important IT challenges is to ensure to branch offices reliability and high performance: for years, our Team have built up a high expertise on Wan Optimization, in order to increase productivity and remote management. WAN optimization allows you to limit latency networks, recognize redundant traffic, minimize unwanted traffic and increase the performance of centralized business applications.

Bandwith Management e Network Visibilty

Most of IT environments has hundreds of applications running on the network at any time. The traffic generated by personal application consumes bandwidth, which should be used for companies’ activities. We offer our customers solutions for bandwidth management and network visibility that allow not only a real-time monitoring of all traffic, but also the application of congestion control policy.


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